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Import and Export

The import and export of products and services have been in existence for decades. It occurs in over 150 countries of the world. Unlike before, imports and exports were not open to many small businesses. But today, several small businesses have more access to import and export transactions. You will know several truths about import and export as you read further!
BEIZ Global Trading Nigeria Limited offers various import and export services. Understanding what we do will help you enjoy the best services from us.

Fx Intermediation

The Forex market is a significant market in the world today. The Bank for International Settlements released a 2019 triennial report stating that in April 2019, the daily trading volume for Forex amounted to the sum of $6.6 trillion.
Today, the forex market is increasingly highly sought-after. There are several forex traders, and BEIZ Global is a renowned trader.
A foreign exchange trader, commonly called a forex trader, holds a stake in a currency pair. Unlike other forex traders, we help make trades that mainly result in profit due to our market exposure. This exposure backed with many years of relevant industry experience has placed us on a pedestal as we always ensure our clients’ make good profit.

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Shipping (Haulage and Logistics)

For a first-timer, typically you would find the your shipping experience extremely tedious and very challenging because of the numerous bureaucracy that you must have to navigate. Do you know you can keep the process simple by hiring a professional freight forwarder?
At BEIZ Global Trading Nigeria Limited, we offer hitch – free shipping services, as we take charge of the the haulage and logistics completely. We also provide real time information on the necessary steps for shipping your goods.

Real Estate Development

Do you find it challenging to identify trustworthy and reliable company for your real estate investments? It’s understandable. Dabbling into real estate without proper guidance is not a advisable as it involves different plans and requirements that is quite confusing if you do not understand the rudiments.
Gladly with us, all the stress, paperwork, and legwork are taken away from you with just one click of a button. Whether you want to own your first home, a retirement home or even make over your current house to be more technologically advanced, BEIZ Luxury Homes & Properties Dev. Company Limited is here to satisfy all your needs.
We are exceptional in our designs because a lot of thoughts goes into our construction, and we are recognized as the best real estate firm in Nigeria. We have systems structured to get you that dream house in the quickest possible time. Your utmost satisfaction is our number one priority!

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Driven by excellence and a desire to help organizations in the area of FX intermediation, advisory services on Import and Export.



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